27 September 2009

While Away an Afternoon at Breakers Cafe

Having worked up our appetites spending the morning lusting over vegetable garden seed/plants/potting mix aisles and planning vegetable gardens fit-for-kings, Millie and I decided to take Gertie for a spin round the bays to Seatoun to explore the gastronomic offerings of suburbia. We happened upon Breakers - the cutesy bach-like café on Dundas St. After umming-and-ahhing over the cabinet fare and the blackboard menu, I settled on a vege filo ($5) and a cappucino ($3.50), and Millie chose the vege panini ($7) and a flat white ($3.50). The cabinet was small but well stocked, there was a good variety of sweet eats, but I felt that there could have been more variety than the eggy-pastry-quichey bits for the savoury selection. The blackboard was also a bit ho-hum.

On first glance the cafe looked teeny-weeny, but in fact tucked around the weatherboard corner is a whole other seating area overlooking a sunny outdoor patio – perfect for lazing in the sun while you satiate your weekend food desires. We chose to sit out the front on the wee mosaic tables at to shelter from the howling wind. While commenting on laid-back, small-town feel of the suburb (and watching dogs of all sizes trot past), our coffees arrived.

The coffee was Emporio – it was good. However we both found it to be quite milky, probably due to the larger cup size – though we thought this didn't detract from the quality. We didn't wait long before our lunch arrived, and I was most impressed that they timed the delivery right – mine was cabinet food, and Millie's was off the menu, and many cafe's don't make the effort to bring food simultaneously in this situation. The second thing I think is worth a comment was that my filo pastry retained its crunch – which obviously meant the staff had not nuked it in the microwave, and taken the time to heat it in an oven (either that or they have an ingenious microwave-method that retains the crunch factor).

My little filo-quiche was good, though not overwhelmingly so. It was presented well, with a small salad side and a sauce. The sauce was some straight-out-of-the-bottle plum I think, and I felt it would have been nice to serve with a chunkier relish or similar.

Millie's panini was also well presented with the same salad and sauce. The bread was fresh and well grilled. She felt that the pesto-tomato-spinach-cheese filling could have done with something else, perhaps mushroom or pumpkin to jazz it up a bit, not that it was decidedly lacking – just simple. Overall a great local - standard fare and good coffee, an a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

Breakers Cafe

24 Dundas St


(04) 388 5566

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Anonymous said...

OMG I love breakers cafe! The coffee is sen-sational! So beautiful I had to have more! The staff there are all immaculately groomed, especially the guys! They are all very good looking. I love breakers cafe. I drive across town on a Sunday just to eat there and bask I'm the back garden.