27 September 2009

Hunting and Gathering

This is more of a boast than a review! But alas – hunting and gathering is a legitimate way to stock the larder. And luckily for me, my flatmate is one of these types. In the warmer months we have paua and crayfish, and last night, wild pork! A perfect comforting meal for one of the last few wintry nights before daylight savings and spring weather wander our way.

Wild pork bears no resemblance to supermarket or commercial pork. It has a depth of flavour and juicy succulence that the former doesn't even come close to. And it has a fantastic rind if you're a sucker for crackling. This meal renewed my faith in pork (post-'porkgate' that has been rearing its ugly head recently in the media). Obviously, everyone doesn't have access to wild pork, and even for those that do it is generally a rare occasion; so I would be interested to know if anyone knows suppliers in Wellington where you can get really good quality free range pork ?...

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Shell said...

Hi. I don't eat pork, so can't vouch for the quality, but I noticed 'wild pork' on sale at Prestons in Porirua Megacentre on Monday. They also had a few different cuts of free-range pork. Might be worth a try?