Gusty Gourmet started off way back in 2009 when a law school friend and I had just returned to Wellington from living in Singapore and travelling around Southeast Asia. We wanted to share our passion for good food with a wider audience, and after much deliberation, Gusty Gourmet was born. Under the pseudonyms "Millie Mirepoix" and "Florence Chabot" we ate our way around Wellington, with special focus on cafe food and cheap n' cheerful joints (unsurprising given our student budgets, though we did splash out from time to time).

As we graduated from university and moved into full-time jobs, blog posts became less frequent (and strangely, it feels like I eat out far less often now that I'm working!). In 2011, Florence moved on to pursue other interests and I started a cooking blog called Milliemirepoix and began writing cafe reviews for the Dominion Post. 

Gusty Gourmet is primarily a food blog about Wellington, though you'll find the occasional post about eating in other places around New Zealand and further afield. Unless specified, I dine anonymously and pay for my own meals, and I try to mostly write about places I've visited multiple times (obviously this doesn't hold true for meals eaten while travelling). For these reasons, it's not often I'll write about a place I don't like - if I'm not impressed, I'm not likely to return and spend more of my own money on a place - but I do try to be as honest as possible.

Happy eating! If you want to get in touch with me, email millie.mirepoix@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter

- Mika Reilly
27 June 2012

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