17 August 2010

Floriditas, Cuba St - a belated birthday breakfast

My  brother Evan came to visit from Christchurch a few weeks ago, and when I asked him what he wanted for Sunday brunch he replied without hesitation, “Floriditas”. I was more than happy to oblige, and we had a great meal (though unfortunately I forgot to take my camera). Everything was superb, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Evan’s friend’s plate of scrambled eggs. I almost always go for the poached eggs in cafes, partly because I’ve got a killer recipe for scrambled eggs and prefer them to many cafes’ versions, and partly because who can resist slicing into a perfectly poached egg and watching the soft, marigold-yellow yolk spill out? (Not me.) But every time I go to Floriditas for breakfast I end up longing for scrambled eggs, elegantly and effortlessly sitting atop toast, being delivered to tables around me.  So I resolved to go back just a few days later for a birthday breakfast, though in reality failed attempts at getting out of bed earlier than usual led to me having it a couple days after my actual birthday.

Because it was (sort of) my birthday, I ordered an extra treat. This greek yoghurt with brown sugar tamarillos was pure decadence, the yoghurt thick and creamy and the tamarillos tart but just sweet enough (and I don’t always enjoy tamarillo, but these were delicious). One of the great things about Floriditas is that their menu tends to reflect the seasons – I’ve had this yoghurt/fruit combo with vanilla-poached feijoas in autumn (divine), and strawberries in early summer. With tamarillos in abundance at the moment it’s only fitting that they were the fruit of choice. Be warned, though, this innocent-looking glass of yoghurt is quite rich, easily a meal in itself; as a side dish of sorts, I struggled to finish it even with E’s help.

E had poached eggs and bacon with sourdough toast – no complaints here, and I got to get my oozy yolky visuals that I love, after all.  The bacon was perfectly cooked – crispy, but not burnt – and I wish I could poach eggs as flawlessly as Floriditas does.

But what I was really here for, after all, was scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs, roast tomato and thyme with sourdough toast – finally, I got what I’d been pining after all this time. I’m pretty sure Floriditas have the most aesthetically pleasing scrambled eggs in town.

And boy, were they every bit as satisfying as they looked – luscious yet firm, almost omelet-like in their unique folded appearance, not tough or gummy like some scrambled eggs can be.  The thyme paired nicely with the tomato and the slices of toast, though on the small side, were satisfyingly chewy. Absolutely delectable.

Floriditas is a favourite for breakfast/brunch, especially when I have out-of-town visitors – it’s elegant, yet comfortable and accessible, the service is generally of a good standard and they do amazing cheese scones and dainty little cakes and things.  They also sell their 5-grain bread by the loaf, and their raspberry jam by the jar (years ago I had a flatmate who worked there and would bring home the occasional jar of jam… marvellous stuff).  Surprisingly, though, I’ve never once been there for dinner. I’m thinking I’ll have to change that soon.

Floriditas Cafe and Restaurant
161 Cuba St
(04) 381 2212


Floriditas also have a $35 set lunch and $65 set dinner menu as part of DINE 2010 throughout the Wellington on a Plate festival - well worth checking out! Through 29 August 2010.

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Rosa said...

Yum, that yoghurt looks fabulous! And the scrambled eggs - oh! I need to make a pilgrimmage to Florrie's again soon, clearly.

Kate said...

Beautiful photos! I haven't been to Floriditas for brunch for an awfully long time, though I remember it being good. Think I'll have to go there when my Mum visits next week. :)

delaney said...

My sisters came to visit me this weekend from Sydney and Auckland, and we went to Floriditas for an early birthday brunch on Friday. I had those eggs and they were amazing! I too have never been for dinner but am going to have to get there. YUM.

john@heneedsfood said...

How can a blogger forget their camera! I wish I had time to get to Floridita's when we were over last weekend. Was great to meet you! By the way those scrambled eggs look sensational!

Mel said...

wow, those scrambled eggs are just beautiful!
yay for lunch today too :-) :-)

Vanille said...

Happy belated birthday Millie !
I like this place, so pleasant.

millie mirepoix said...

Rosa- both were delicious, but unless you're super hungry I'd recommend getting one or the other - I could hardly finish! So yum though.

Kate- Thanks! It's a good place for taking visitors too. Have fun with your mum :)

Delaney- ha ha, good minds must think alike - Floriditas birthday breakfast was definitely a winner.

John- I know, terrible, right? But it gave me a reason to go back right away ;) Lovely meeting you too! Looking forward to reading your posts on the weekend!

Mel- yeah, they were gorgeously presented and delicious too! And yes, hooray for lunch :)

Vanille- thanks! I love the atmosphere there. Even on weekends when it's bustling there's still an air of calm.

sarvalokapriyadarsana said...

Yes, you need to go there for dinner. It's brilliant.