11 October 2009

Bravo Butlers Chocolate Cafe

The glowey warm interior of Butlers was a welcome respite to the bitter weather of the last few days. The heady chocolate wafts and gorgeous display of treats of this Irish chain are always a draw card if I’m in the Willis precinct. Admittedly, I have never sampled the food here, but one doesn’t really come here for the food, especially given their meagre offerings in the cabinet. It’s the good Allespresso coffee and the accompanying boutique chocolate that I’m after (they also stock the gorgeous T-Leaf teas). After ogling the rows of handcrafted chocolates I ordered the flat white ($3.90) and carefully selected the dark hazelnut ganache. M ordered a mocha ($4.50) and the dark peach sorbet. We obediently wait at the counter for our coffee – they don’t deliver to your table, but given the size of the café and the large ‘take-away’ customer base it’s understandable. Anyway I’m happy as I am often entranced by the cauldron of velvety liquid chocolate on the bench that gets whipped into hot chocolates (available in white as well) and the mochas. The coffee is good – the flat white is strong and not too milky, and the mocha is chocolatey without disguising the coffee. My chocolate was just alright, the peach one was delicious and tasted like old fashioned sherbet. The cafe is tiny and while the mirrored surroundings (which are slightly disconcerting) give a roomier feel, they also make the cafe a little sterile. The chocolate ‘porn’ that plays on loop on the flatscreen TV is just a little too commercial, but otherwise a nice place to drop by. You will have to go and see the chocolates for yourself – the owner wouldn't let me photograph the piles of delicate delights under the counter (I think they thought I was going to steal their ideas!).

(This one is from their website)

Butlers Chocolate Café
103 Willis Street
04 4727630


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I always wonder what this place is like. Rather fancy the coffee + chocolate combo. have you been to the chocolate shop on Featherston street, heading towards the railway station? Beautiful stuff :)

millie mirepoix said...

What a coincidence... if you are talking about Bohemein (?) chocolates, I haven't been in their shop but they've just started selling at Moore Wilson's and the guy who makes them was there today giving out samples. Amazing. I had to take some home... just bit into a sea salt and caramel one literally 10 seconds ago! So yum.

Domestic Executive. said...

Hi Millie - just caught up on your reviews, boy do you love to eat out! You are certainly more adventurous than me, I tend to stick to the more european stables in Wellington as we don't get into town that much.

I was interested in your Logan Brown review as I went a couple of Christmases ago and came away with pretty much the same conclusion - nice but.....not sure what was missing!

I'm a loyal supporter of the chocolate shop on Featherstone Street so can't say any others in town get a look in.

Your passion for food really comes through - look forward to reading more.

millie mirepoix said...

Hi Domestic Executive - thanks for the lovely comment. I really must get to that chocolate shop on Featherston St!

We will hopefully start posting more on those European favourites too - we've both come back from Asia recently so are still on an Asian food kick, I suppose!

Thanks for reading,

Millie and Florence