06 August 2009

Upcoming Events: Wellington on a Plate

You might have already heard of this but there's a new food festival in Wellington this month. Unfortunately I'll be overseas for most of it, but it definitely seems worth checking out (go to wellingtononaplate.com or pick up one of the brochures that seem to be floating around town). There are plenty of events planned, like food tours, tasting sessions, special meals on at various restaurants - it seems as though the same people behind the Harbourside Market and the new City Market are involved. Prices vary from free or cheap (coffee tasting sessions (free), market tours ($15)) to prohibitively expensive ($399! for the Martinborough Chef's Tour which includes a helicopter flight, meals and accommodation at the Bolton Hotel - I guess it'd be worth it if you can afford it).

Glad to see Wellington embracing its culinary culture!

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