14 July 2009

Sad news - Calypso closes its doors

Sad news: I walked past Calypso Cafe today and there was a note on the door saying that, as of July 4, it has closed indefinitely due to a recent burglary and the current economic climate.

I'm pretty disappointed and a little enraged (who would burglarise Calypso? They totally didn't deserve it - the proprietors are so lovely). But, they say it's a recession now - sigh. And I have some suspicion that the restaurant wasn't entirely suited to its location, which might have had something to do with its untimely demise. That end of Taranaki St is entirely bereft of restaurants, and doesn't get as much foot traffic as some other streets in Wellington. And maybe a smaller premises would have suited Calypso more.

Whatever the reason, it's unclear whether Calypso will return. Sad news, but I'm going to stay optimistic, since (as I previously wrote) it has gone through a couple different incarnations. And the note said that they would continue their catering services - so do go and check out www.calypsocafe.co.nz if you are in need of catering... any party with jerk chicken is a winner in my book!

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