16 May 2009

Oh Sweet Mother, how you cure my cravings

If you spend any time in or around the Courtenay Place area you've most likely been to (or at least seen) Sweet Mother's Kitchen. In the few short years it's been open it's quickly become a Wellington cornerstone, with its kitschy decor and homestyle Tex-Mex/New Orleans/Southern food. Perpetually packed (both inside and out, even on a day like today!) with everyone from indie kids to transplanted Americans hankering for a taste of home (myself included - man! those curly fries take me back to my high school cafeteria), it's my local eatery of choice, especially since I live just around the corner.

Anyway, as popular as it is, and as much as I love Sweet Mother's, their food is often hit and miss. For example, while their gumbo is great, their quesadillas (at least the last time I had them) were lacking. I'm a huge fan of most of their Po'boys (a New Orleans-style sandwich on grilled French bread), especially the cornmeal-battered fish Po'boy, but their pulled pork Po'boy was missing the sweet, smoky barbecue flavour of the equivalent you'd get in the States. So, because my SMK experience varies so much, this surely won't be the last time it appears on this blog.

This morning I woke up in a bit of a panic. Hunger gnawed at my belly and I had a strong craving for scrambled eggs on toast. I went down to the kitchen only to find that we were out of both milk and bread... oh no! Luckily (for my egg cravings), the Monkey suggested we head out into the gale and get breakfast at Sweet Mother's. When we got there, though, the place was overflowing - but we managed to squeeze our way into one of their long communal tables. Phew, crisis averted.

I ordered the Eggsadu, which is SMK's version of Tex-Mex migas - eggs scrambled with pieces of corn tortillas, tomatoes, onions, green chillis and cheese. (note: the Pioneer Woman does a fantastic photo-illustrated recipe) It's not the prettiest of dishes - especially once you mix in the sour cream and salsa, it looks like a jumbled mess - but it's cheesy and flavoursome and the bits of tortilla give it a satisfyingly chewy texture.

I'm pleased to say this is one of the things that Sweet Mother's does a pretty damn good job of. It's a bit light on the chillis, but that was quickly fixed by a few drops of the "XXX" habanero sauce that was sitting on our table (and the generous dollop of sour cream was a welcome relief when I realised I had put a bit too much "XXX" on). The tortilla chips it came garnished with were crisp and sturdy - I wonder if they were home-made? Plus, at $14 it's pretty good value for money; there must be at least 5 eggs in there. (and to think I finished off the plate!) Sweet Mother's, you haven't seen the last of me!

(Because Sweet Mother's can be hit and miss, and because I come here so often, this rating is just for the Eggsadu)

Sweet Mother's Kitchen
5 Courtenay Place
(04) 385 4444

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Naly D said...

As a Kiwi longing to move to New Orleans, I end up in SMK several times a week. It's a fantastic place, where I can indulge in po'boys, tacos, curly fries [a must on every visit!] and their apple pies and key lime pie is to die for.